Blackjack Essential Basics – Part 1

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The main premise of the card game is to be dealt cards adding up to twenty-one. Each competitor is given two cards. When a player is given a 9 or lower value card and an Ace they have been dealt a soft hand. When the gambler is dealt no Ace cards it is called as a hard hand. As soon as the cards have been given to all players at the blackjack table, including the dealer, each blackjack player is given the opportunity to make 1 of six decisions:

Taking another card (Hit): When a blackjack player says hit me the croupier will deal them another card, if the adding of that card causes the value of the hand to exceed twenty one the black jack player will have lost and that is the end of the game, if the card makes the value of the hand to twenty one the blackjack player wins and if the total has not yet reached 21 they’re still in the game.

Keeping the hand you have been given: If a black jack player is happy with the hand they will hold. As soon as this has happened the croupier will show his/her cards and the player who has gotten twenty-one or the closet to 21 will acquire a win.

Doubling Down: A gambler might ask to double down which doubles the bet they have placed. As soon as you’ve taken this action you can only receive one additional card. The details of doubling down are usually specified by the table or betting house rules so prior to playing be certain you’re at ease with the casino game rules. If you’re betting at an internet betting house this is usually very simple.

Stay tuned for part two.

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